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Email notifications

The Parish Council has set up an email list to help keep residents informed about Parish Council business and what is happening in the Parish generally.  Residents can sign up to the list as detailed below and will then receive email notifications from the Parish Council when local news is placed on this website.

The email list is part of the Parish Council's aim to improve communications with residents.  As well as providing information, we will also be providing new ways of allowing the Council to consult with residents such as online surveys.  This will help the council to understand residents priorities.

Emails won't replace traditional methods such as articles in the Parish Newsletter and public meetings but by using several methods it will help the Parish Council reach a wider range of people.

You can subscribe for the notification service by filling in and signing a consent form.

Alternatively you can send an email to the Clerk.


Please read our Privacy Notice about how we use your personal data. 

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