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Transparency Code Explained

Under the Transparency Code, from April 2015 smaller authorities, including town and parish councils with a turnover of less than £25,000 have been required to publish the following information online (click on each to visit the location on this web site):

Here's a bit more detail:-  (or see the Department for Communities and Local Government's paper about Transparency Code)
All items of expenditure above £100

You must publish a list of all transactions which are over £100 (where possible, excluding recoverable VAT). You can meet the requirement by publishing your Cashbook. The list must include:

    Date              Summary      Amount       VAT

XX.XX.XXXX       XXXXXX             £XXX         £XX

End of year accounts;  Annual Governance Statement;  Internal Audit Report

Meet all of these requirements by simply publishing your Annual Return Form.  This must be signed by your Responsible Financial Officer  (the Parish Clerk) and Chairman.

List of Councillor responsibilities

Your list should include:

 Councillor               Member of:

 Mr John Smith        Planning Committee (Chairman)

                                Finance and Personnel Sub-Committee 

Details of public land and building assets

You are required to list all public land and building assets.  But you can publish your entire assets and liabilities register if you wish.  You list must include:

Asset                  Location                      Owner          Date Acquired                  Cost           Present use

XXXXXXX          XXXXXXXXXX          XXXXXX           XX.XX.XX                   £XX,XX        XXXXXXXXX

These items need to be published more frequently:


Minutes from all meetings (full council, committees and sub-committees) must be published within one month of the meeting taking place.  Draft minutes, clearly marked as 'draft', should be published if the signed minutes are not yet available.

Agendas and papers

Agendas and meeting papers should be published no later than 3 clear days before the meeting takes place.  This is exactly the same period of notice as for your Councillors and your parish notice board.

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