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Dunsford and Doddiscombsleigh Twinning Association

Upcoming events:

Quiz Night 4 March 2023


Dunsford and Doddiscombsleigh Twinning Association was founded in 1997.  We are twinned with three villages just south of Caen in Normandy - Boulon, Fresney and St Laurent.  Every year we have an exchange with members of our French counterpart organisation.  We go to France one year and they come to us the following year.  It is extremely interesting and great fun to get to know a whole community – this gives one a chance to see French village life in a way that would be difficult to do if one simply visited French friends.

The visit is over a weekend and includes activities and an outing and much good food and conversation.  Many of the French speak English and it is not necessary to speak French although of course it is useful.

Until 2017-2018 there was a school exchange involving both Dunsford and Doddi schools and this was a huge success.  Sadly it came to an end and we are told by the current leadership in both schools that new regulations make it very difficult to organise such an event but we would love to have younger members with school-age children to see whether a young persons’ exchange could be organised.   Our French counterparts are extremely keen to reinstate this and have asked whether
an activity based exchange – built around canoeing kayaking or possibly football – might be an attractive way to organise an exchange for young people.  At the moment we have few members who have school-age children but wish that were not so and that a new generation of twinners might join and make something like this happen again.

Over the year we have several events to meet up and even to fund raise to meet the cost of the French visit to us.  If you would like to be involved or just to find out if you are interested please contact one of our committee whose email addresses and telephone numbers are given below.  I will also make sure that the next time we are planning a social activity I will ask for details to be posted on your parish website.

                                                                                                                             Tony Griffin

Chair             Tony Griffin   252348

Committee   Charles Parry 252407
                       Helen Elworthy 252173

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