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Can you host a French guest?

Following the very positive meeting at the Nobody on 17 October ( thanks to all who came)  I am writing to explain the choices we have to make and the date by which we have to make them. 

We were delighted at the thought that there may be a number of potential new families in Doddi interested in the idea of hosting or otherwise getting involved in the French visit to Dunsford and Doddi next June. 

The French have said that they have around 40 people who have said they would like to come.  We are unsure whether we can accommodate such a large group, or whether we can afford the cost of entertaining them but have decided to look positively at the challenge and see if we can do so. 

The first question is to ask people to say fairly soon whether they can commit to hosting and if so how many adults and/or children they can put up. As we need to give a firm response so the French group can book ferry, coach etc can I ask for replies no later than 15 November please? 

We also discussed what we might do with the group once here.  Size of party has a third consequence as some events will be unable to accommodate a joint party of say 80 people, and we may also have transportation problems if there are families hosting 5 or more guests. 

But remaining positive, the most popular choices seemed to involve boats.  

A Dart trip- possibly the triple boat train and bus round trip although that costs £27.50 per adult- less for children and we need to think hard about it; or a trip on the Exe with a visit to Topsham or Exmouth at one end of it.  Lastly a possible visit to Cotehele. 

Any thoughts welcome. 

Our fund-raising events; we are hoping to run a quiz early in the New Year; and to have a French meal maybe in May.  I will write about these again once dates and details have been fixed.

I look forward to hearing from you soon 


Tony Griffin

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